Dragons:Mon – Wed – *Thurs >4:30Tues – >5:00*Sat >11:30
Kenpo Kids:Mon – Wed>5:00Tues – *Thurs >4:30*Sat >11:30
BBCMon – Wed>5:30Tues –   Thurs >6:15Sat >12:00
Teens:Mon – Wed>6:15Tues –   Thurs >5:30Sat >12:00
Adults:Mon – Wed>7:00Tues –   Thurs >7:00Sat >12:00

Our curriculum is a comprehensive self protection system of blocking, striking, kicking, grappling and weapon techniques. We offer many different class times and days giving you many options to develop a convenient and practical schedule for you or your child. To maximize your training we recommend attending classes at least twice a week.

Little Dragons

Family Class

Kenpo Kids

Black Belt Club



Tournament Class